The regular Apis font package is used for graphics, illustrations, wordmarks, print and screen materials. Everything except Office applications.

We use the font package 'Apis for Office' in all Microsoft Office applications, except Outlook where we use our fallback font ‘Arial’. 

Please use Arial when you are not able to use Apis or Apis for Office. 

Apis is based on the open licence font Noto Sans, comissioned by Google. Please use this font when writing and designing with non-latin alphabets, but only in this instance.

  • Always use Apis.
  • Typography should primarily be in True Blue and Show White, but it is also allowed in colours from the rest of the palette – as long as it is readable.
  • Apply a consistent, simple, and clear hierarchy for titles, subtitles, etc.
  • Make sure text is at least AA compliant in terms of accessibility. Preferably AAA.


  • Never apply effects such as shadows or glow etc.
  • Never write text in black. Always use True Blue if you want dark text.
  • Do not use condensed or wide font weights of the Apis-family.