• Our logo is always stacked (Apis bull on top of wordmark).
  • Our logo is always True Blue and preferably sits on white or very light backgrounds.
  • Use the white version if you are not able to use the True Blue version i.e. when the logo is placed on brightly coloured or dark backgrounds or on top of a photo.


  • Never modify the Apis bull in any way (e.g. change shape or colour, use only parts of it, cartoonify it etc.).
  • Never use the Apis bull without the Novo Nordisk wordmark
  • Never place our logo on faces, busy backgrounds or any motif that may corrupt the integrity of our logo.

  • Our logo can be placed in any four corners or in the centre of a layout, but preferably in the top right corner.
  • Keep a minimum distance to surrounding objects no less than the height of two n's.
  • Consider the size of the logo: It should never dominate any design but at the same time you should always be able to see the logo clearly. We recommend that it is no smaller than 15 mm wide.

For guidance on how to position and scale the logo, see below.

Novo Nordisk forms many partnerships and the Novo Nordisk logo can be used when communicating about these. It is up to the project and programme managers to decide if and how the Novo Nordisk logo should be displayed as long as the rules for placement described on this page are followed.