In a world of information clutter, we bring clarity and focus. Our layouts are characterised by the predominant use of whitespace – the empty, unmarked space between elements in a design.

It is calming, helps direct attention and emphasises content. Our Nordic heritage is reflected in the distinct way we reduce complexity, remove clutter, and any superfluous visual information.

Any element that does not serve a purpose should be removed.

  • Use a lot of white space to create a calm and clear design.
  • Less is more: remove any unnecessary clutter and superfluous visual information.
  • Use size, colour, contrast, proximity, alignment, white space or any means to help users understand our information effortlessly. 
  • Use typography as an element in your layout to drive focus to your message.
  • Use examples from every part of the expression scale for a dynamic design.


  • Don’t use stock photos or AI generated images.
  • Do not use b/w photography (unless it serves a historical purpose).
  • Never use coloured filters (or any other filters) on top of imagery.
  • Never place a coloured overlay on imagery.